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Former ESPN Executive Shares 30 Years Worth of Lessons | Bernard Stewart

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Joining us today is my good friend and mentor, Bernard Stewart. He's here to share valuable lessons he has learned, from spearheading ESPN's global popularity to building a life outside of the brand's success.

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Being one of the pioneers and the driving force behind a global brand's success carries a lot of weight - that's how it looks like when you work for a brand like ESPN.

And just like everything else in this world, there is always a good and bad side to things, and that's what we'll unpack in today's episode of the Money Game podcast.

Joining me today on the podcast is Bernard Stewart, a member of the original creative team of SportsCenter and ESPN and he's here to sit down with us and talk about…

- His journey before joining ESPN

- Valuable life and business lessons he has learned while at ESPN

- The pros and cons of working for someone's success

- His life after being with ESPN for 30 years and how he followed through his dream

- And a whole lot more

If you're currently losing that courage to tap into your dream, or if you're stuck at something that doesn't bring that same spark, this episode is exactly what you need. Listen in for more!

Let's get started!


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